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Sunday night

Monday is a drag but still, a fresh new week. A little pre-bed ritual for Sunday night to help you face the morning.


A gentle cleanser to wash away the day and any makeup residue. I use Cetaphil and a facecloth in warm water.


Buff away dead skin, clean nice and deep. I like Innoxa Skin Specialist Polished Skin Exfoliator (Farmers and some pharmacies stock Innoxa). If you don’t have the cash (or even if you do), a tsp or a little more of white sugar with a little water also makes a great exfoliator. Sometimes I add more cleanser to the exfoliant to get it moving around more easily, usually I massage with my hands but a face brush is thorough too (buy one from the Body Shop, or Mio accessories stocked in Farmers).


Rinse the exfoliant off and rinse your sink and facecloth. This is when I put on a simple little mask, nothing too extreme after exfoliating thoroughly. If you don’t have a favorite, you could use a teaspoon or two of honey with oats, mixed together with a little milk or water. Sounds like breakfast, but it’s nice on your face and smells nice too.

While my mask is on I brush and floss and generally go overboard with the oral¬†hygiene. Fluff about doing that for a good five minutes to let the mask do it’s thing.


I run a hot-ish sink of water and soak my facecloth in it. Water should be hot enough to bear comfortably. Wring a little of the water from your facecloth before holding it to your face for 30 seconds. I press it to my cheeks for a little while before wiping away most of the mask, then rinsing my facecloth again and wiping the rest away. Last step, if you can bear it, is to rinse your facecloth in cool water and do the same - hold it to your face to cool and close your freshly clean pores.


I use Institut DerMed Brightening Eye Cream - supposedly every night and day too. I usually at least put it on at night, but sometimes I’m too lazy. If you don’t have an eye cream don’t use moisturizer the same way - it’s too heavy for delicate eyes and can cause those little white milia dots.¬†

At night, I like to put coconut oil on my face, yup, the same stuff you cook with - available at heath food stores and in the organics section of Countdown. A small amount goes a long way and it doesn’t feel too gluggy, leaves my skin feeling really nice in the morning too. If you’d rather use a night cream though, go right ahead! Don’t forget to moisturise your neck and hands, and a nice neutral lip balm before bed too.


If you’ve got any blemishes, zap ‘em. For any breakouts I like to use a dot of pure tea tree oil which is antibacterial and helps dry and clear up those suckers overnight.


In the morning I just rinse my face with warm water and facecloth before moisturizing and playing with makeup. I find my skin feeling nice a very good start to the week!