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Navy with a silver flash!

"3am and Dangerous" by Dry and Tea, super hot bright pink!

Dry & Tea polishes for a quick lil’ pink swiped mani.

Beautiful black, white and gold. Leopard, glitter, feature nail… 

My short guitar learning nails are tough to paint without smudges.

Isn’t mascara magic?? One coat on the left side. Mabelline Define-a-lash on my natural eyelashes. First time wearing makeup in an age!!

Halloween nails for Priya last year. Jack Skellington! And look at the bats! The bats are the best :) 

Purple geometric nail art! <3

Into The Gloss piece with Liv Tyler. My cousin worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy in Wellington and told me she kissed him. I believe him if only to be insanely jealous.

A bath with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide? Really? I am not sure about this one but if it’s good enough for Liv Tyler…

Braided hair for Laura on Saturday x