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My short guitar learning nails are tough to paint without smudges.

Isn’t mascara magic?? One coat on the left side. Mabelline Define-a-lash on my natural eyelashes. First time wearing makeup in an age!!

Halloween nails for Priya last year. Jack Skellington! And look at the bats! The bats are the best :) 

Purple geometric nail art! <3

Into The Gloss piece with Liv Tyler. My cousin worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy in Wellington and told me she kissed him. I believe him if only to be insanely jealous.

A bath with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide? Really? I am not sure about this one but if it’s good enough for Liv Tyler…

Braided hair for Laura on Saturday x

Skull & Glossbones with Spark De Triomphe by OPI

Nude and gold with zig zags

Sponged purple/white gradient nails with “servin’ up sparkle” feature nail. Reading Game of Thrones. 

Nude nails with square tips and gold “studs”